sábado, 19 de maio de 2007

The mascot fo the Pan American 2007: Caue

The mascot for the Pan American and Parapan American Games Rio 2007 has a name: "Caue", which means "Hail" in the indigenous Tupi language. The name was chosen by nearly 40% of more than 465,000 votes cast in an online ballot. After a comprehensive survey, three options were chosen to offer to the public for voting, including 'Caue', 'Kuara' and 'Luca'.

The mascot, developed and designed by Dupla Design, symbolizes the Brazilian sun, spirit and culture. It will be the key image of the licensing programme of CO-RIO. "From now on, several products displaying the mascot will be licensed and CO-RIO firmly believes in the commercial success of this initiative that will contribute to fund the Pan American and Parapanamerican Games. The purchase of the Mascot in licensed products is also a way "Cariocas" and Brazilians in general will have of contributing directly to the organization of the largest sport event in the history of Brazil", said CO-RIO General Secretary, Carlos Roberto Osório

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